Angelxxuan's The Borrower Arrietty Tv Review

Rated: 6

Over all, the plot was lacking for me. The Sound and Artwork blew me away, but the plot itself felt as if there was something lacking. Never really been a fan of any of the borrower films, novels and so forth. I have seen and read them all, and me being a great fan of animation I gave this one a go as well. Unfortunately, like all the others, it lacked depth to me into the plot itself. I was impressed with the detail, that's a given, but within any fan there are going to be things which come about a fan isn't going to care much for. I'm going to wait for the next one and see how that one turns out, just because I didn't like one, doesn't mean I'm not going to like another.

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Angelxxuan's Rideback Tv Review

Rated: 8

Overall I am greatly impressed with this. I am often not impressed with this sort of theme, motorcycle, military and mecha, but I am a person that is willing to give anything a try regardless of what it might contain or theme. I liked how this anime flowed, the plot, character developed and the style. This anime can be watched online in many places but I found this on netflix so it can be streamed. I liked how the creator did such a remarkable job and it left me asking for more after the 12th episode. As there might never be a second season, this anime is an outstanding one.

This anime contains mild romance, a lot of action, violence, motorcycles and sadness as the anime develops.

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Angelxxuan's Dead Leaves Tv Review

Rated: 6

Over all, I have to admit this sure was one random anime. I was impressed with how this one came about for such a short anime. I actually wished it was longer AND possibly another part or movie or something, sadly nothing has surfaced but that doesn't mean this diamond in a rut should ever go unnoticed. It appeared in 2004 and I'm just now able to admit that I saw it, I found it quite entertaining for a bedtime show due to it's short length in nature. I would still suggest someone that is mature in nature and/or older to watch this one. I can't help those who do venture into wanting to see this, but I can state my suggestion and/or warning all the same.

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