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Angelxxuan's The Borrower Arrietty Tv Review

The Borrower Arrietty

Rated: 6

Over all, the plot was lacking for me. The Sound and Artwork blew me away, but the plot itself felt as if there was something lacking. Never really been a fan of any of the borrower films, novels and so forth. I have seen and read them all, and me being a great fan of animation I gave this one a go as well. Unfortunately, like all the others, it lacked depth to me into the plot itself. I was impressed with the detail, that's a given, but within any fan there are going to be things which come about a fan isn't going to care much for. I'm going to wait for the next one and see how that one turns out, just because I didn't like one, doesn't mean I'm not going to like another.

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Angelxxuan's Rideback Tv Review

Rated: 8

Overall I am greatly impressed with this. I am often not impressed with this sort of theme, motorcycle, military and mecha, but I am a person that is willing to give anything a try regardless of what it might contain or theme. I liked how this anime flowed, the plot, character developed and the style. This anime can be watched online in many places but I found this on netflix so it can be streamed. I liked how the creator did such a remarkable job and it left me asking for more after the 12th episode. As there might never be a second season, this anime is an outstanding one.

This anime contains mild romance, a lot of action, violence, motorcycles and sadness as the anime develops.

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Angelxxuan's Dead Leaves Tv Review

Rated: 6

Over all, I have to admit this sure was one random anime. I was impressed with how this one came about for such a short anime. I actually wished it was longer AND possibly another part or movie or something, sadly nothing has surfaced but that doesn't mean this diamond in a rut should ever go unnoticed. It appeared in 2004 and I'm just now able to admit that I saw it, I found it quite entertaining for a bedtime show due to it's short length in nature. I would still suggest someone that is mature in nature and/or older to watch this one. I can't help those who do venture into wanting to see this, but I can state my suggestion and/or warning all the same.

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Angelxxuan's Tokyo Godfathers Tv Review

Tokyo Godfathers

Rated: 8

This review is done on a movie I found by accident in my collection of stuff, actually had to dust it off so to speak. But it is a rare find for me and somewhat of a vintage, as it is in this bracket of the 21st century, it is still a beautiful piece of work. As it is a dark comedy, that's not all which is present, some action, drama and mild romance. As I own this and have seen it many times already, I would suggest anyone to watch it that finds interest in one of those random anime yet still have a plot to be granted with.

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Angelxxuan's Summer Wars Tv Review

Rated: 8

Over all I was very impressed with this one. I was hearing great reviews from other people so I found this and watched it and I have to agree this was of no exception to not liking it either. The themes mingled so well with the anime that I was greatly impressed as to how they blended. I'm not really into romance style, but it was trivial but just enough. I was very liking of the cute and adorable atmosphere of the virtual reality, it reminded me a lot of Playstation network or possibly facebook with it's social networking section. Within this anime you'll find yourself laughing at the moment of first love, cheering on the fight scenes and crying with both happy and sad tears as those moments approach.

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Angelxxuan's Blood+ Tv Review


Rated: 8

This is my sixth review, after recently finishing it up while I found it online, I have a feeling I probably won't be bothering with buying this one. Sure I liked it, but after watching it again, I felt it was slightly boring in places. It was lacking things, the time jumps and time travels of past moments to present was confusing a few times for me. I do have to admit the angle of chiropteran and chevalier was most unique, it was fresh and new for it's time, but I felt the anime was possibly nearly too long, there were episodes that helped the plot along too much and a few fillers that could have been erased because it wasn't really all that important to the plot.

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Angelxxuan's Millennium Actress Tv Review

Millennium Actress

Rated: 8

This anime I would strongly suggest you to watch and pay attention. There are so many points that reality and acting career blurred and I really couldn't tell the difference, but over all that didn't stop me from enjoying this film. I like films such as these, sure I've been doing reviews for comedies but this is no comedy. Sure you'll find a few short lines to make you giggle but this one has zero comedy style drawing to it. This is a historical film, that did great justice in that, the history references were perfectly on timing, someone went to great lengths to make this one correct. It also has romance in it (rare for me but the plot forced that one out) and above all else psychological, where it attempts to mold the mind, yet only causes more chaos.

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Angelxxuan's Outlaw Star Tv Review

Rated: 7

Overall I would have to say this was quite a tough one to follow. There was just too many time jumps for me to keep track of their space adventures at times. I actually found myself pausing and rewinding in places, trying to figure out if my dvd player had skipped a scene or something. I would state this anime, not the one that debuted on cartoon network in the edited style, is seriously not for the faint of heart. If ecchi, mature scenes, cussing, detailed battle scenes and perverted characters disturb you, then it's best to avoid this one. I would consider this one to be watched by audiences mature enough to handle such things, I wouldn't set my niece down in front of this one and watch it with her without a doubt.

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Angelxxuan's Trigun Tv Review


Rated: 7

Over all, I would have to say, I have forgotten how good this anime really was. The depths of emotions which sucked me in and I felt myself tearing up at moments of either happiness, sorrow or moments of giggles when I would watch poor little Kuroneko-sama go flying through the air. It has been a great long time since I have seen this anime, I was lucky to find a box set at the store a few weeks back and I thought, why not, it was reasonably cheap and it's been over a decade since my copy finally gave up the ghost. After I started watching it, it wasn't hard to look past the age, but I still felt it was an anime of it's time, during it's time and honored that a box set was released that I could get my hands on.

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Angelxxuan's The Skull Man Tv Review

Rated: 7

It's one of those unknown anime because it is only subbed or original it is not dubbed yet as far as I know. It's also a short anime of about 13 episodes long and one live action movie. There is slight ecchi in it, but for the most part the anime sucked me in by episode one, so I was able to look past all that, even with the time jumps within the anime and the ending left me with WTF, and it still does to this day, even sitting here typing this. I would have to say, over all this anime should be a must see if you're into dark, horror and scifi anime. I found this anime by accident mostly because I had seen everything else out there that was of interest to me so I had to turn to watching things I was uncertain on, I'm glad I did take a risk on this one.

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